Rules of Operation

The following rules of operation are necessary in the interest of safety and membership enjoyment. Kaymaran Adventure Tours will communicate to the membership any changes to these rules – input from the members will be solicited and given consideration.

Conditions of MembershipLPC Fee Structure

19 years of age or older
must be able to accurately describe the solo recovery procedure
completed and signed a current Waiver of Liability (K.A.T.)
agrees to abide by LPC Rules of Operation
all applicable LPC fees and dues paid up in full

LPC Fee Structure

Entry Fee An entry fee of $50 (GST of 7% on all charges) will apply to new members. If a new member joins the LPC within 2 months of participating in a Guided Kayaking Excursion, one half of the excursion fee (up to a maximum of $25.00) will be applied towards the Entry Fee.

Monthly LPC Dues Dues are $65 per month from April to September inclusive and $50 per month from October to March inclusive. All memberships will be based on the calendar month. A membership will be deemed to have commenced on the first day of the current month. (Post-dated cheques welcome.) Monthly dues must be paid prior to paddling privileges being exercised.

LPC Season Pass Current or renewing LPC members may prepay either the six Peak Season months (April through September) or the six Non- Peak Season months (October through March). New LPC members will be given a one-time option to prorate for part of the season.

Peak Season Pass (April through September): $330.00 + GST

Non-Peak Season Pass (October through March): $255.00 + GST

Kayak & Canoe Storage Dry storage at the Ladner Outdoor Store and some limited rack rental space on the floats is available. Contact KAT for details and prices.

NSF Cheques All NSF charge-back costs incurred by K.A.T. will be the responsibility of the LPC member. Paddling privileges will be suspended until all outstanding charge-back costs and dues are paid.