1.LPC members are required to supply and wear their own PFD (Personal Floatation Device) at all times when on the water. There are no exceptions.
2.Paddlers are responsible for ensuring that all safety gear is installed on their kayak and that kayak and equipment are in serviceable condition. Any missing, damaged or defective items to be reported to K.A.T. staff.
3.While normal wear and tear is expected any lost and (or) damaged kayaks and (or) equipment as a result of abuse or negligence will be the responsibility of the LPC member.
4.Booking a paddle:

(a) Kayaks may be reserved on a “first come, first served” basis for a (maximum) 3-hour paddle from the K.A.T. float on any day (dawn to dusk). Paddle outings to be confirmed by the designated K.A.T. staff person per availability of kayaks. Members may only reserve one paddling session at a time.
(b) K.A.T. reserves the right to limit LPC bookings in order to accommodate commercial non-club paddles (i.e. School Program, Guided Kayak Tours, etc.) In most cases LPC members are welcome to participate in Guided Kayak Tours.
(c) Solo Paddles are not permitted unless the paddler has demonstrated self-rescue capability as per criteria identified by K.A.T.
(d) LPC members should arrive on the float (a minimum of) 15 minutes prior to the posted “Start Time” (Start Times are deemed to be “on the water” times.) ***It is essential for safety that all participants in the paddle communicate with each other before leaving the float regarding paddle outing itinerary, tide/current implications, etc.***

5.Paddlers will ensure that kayaks, paddles and gear are rinsed after use.