4924 Chisholm St.
Delta, British Columbia
V4K 3X2 Canada
Tel: 604.946.7507

Maps & Directions

The 2 maps below show where we are in relation to the lower mainland and Vancouver. The first map is an overview. Our location is shown by the red star in the center.

Highway 99 is the main highway that leads all the way from Granville Street in downtown Vancouver to the US border. On this map it is shown as the thick orange line travelling vertically down from Vancouver to Richmond. Where it crosses the south arm of the Fraser River it enters Delta. At this point you can switch to the second map.

How to find Kaymaran

Map 2 shows Highway 99 (now a red line) as it crosses the Fraser River into Delta. Turn right at Exit 29 onto River Road. Follow this road until it ends at Elliott Street (stop sign). Turn right and immediately left onto Chisholm Street. The Ladner Outdoor Store (home of Kaymaran Adventure Tours) is located about two blocks down at 4860 Chisholm Street. Direct water access to Ladner Harbour is available adjacent to our storefront.

(Phone at the store is (604) 946-5070.) Again, our location is shown by the red star.

How to find Kaymaran

Our second location for boat/bike sales and repairs

Steveston Bicycle & Kayak Shoppe
Suite 105, 6111 London Road
Richmond, BC V7E 3S3
Phone: 604.271.5544

For driving directions refer to map 1. The Steveston Bicycle and Kayak Shoppe is located in the south west cornor of Ricmond. When travling either north or south along highway 99 take the Steveston Highway extit and head west to
Number 2 Road. Turn left heading south . Number 2 Rd. will run into London road where the shoppe is located.