Our standard offering out of Ladner Harbour is the “Guided Kayak Tour” (GKT). Participants will experience the Ladner Marsh, the South Arm Islands of the Lower Fraser River estuary/delta and the Ladner Harbour waterfront with its floathomes and fishboats. Ideal for beginners and families.

The Guided Kayak Tours are scheduled to coincide with the daily optimum tidal “window”. The impact of tide and current on our paddling intineraries is significant — by cooperating with Mother Nature we are able to assure our paddlers a safe and enjoyable experience as well as to show them all of the fascinating sights this area has to offer. On most days, there is usually one “really good” start time and one reasonably good start time. Just ask us! Please allow approx. 3 hours for the Marsh Tour. (This will provide time for introduction/orientation and the necessary paperwork.)

Guided Kayak Tour Rates 2008
Adults 17+ yrs.
Youth 12-17 yrs.
Children 12 yrs and under In solo Kayak . ( Free if in Tandum with adult)

5% GST to be added to all fares