There is a 2 hour minimum on all rentals
Renters must sign our waiver and provide a driver’s licence and credit card as a deposit
Solo paddlers must be able to properly explain a paddle float rescue (Kaymaran Adventure Tours reserves the right at all times to disallow a solo rental.)
Maximum one person per seat in a kayak
An adult must accompany a person under the age of 16 yrs while on the water
Paddlers under 19 years must have waiver/indemnity agreement signed by parent or legal guardian.
PFD’s (Personal Flotation Device) must be worn at all times while on the water


Single Kayak Rental 
2 Hour$25$27
Additional Hour$12$13
Day Rate$48$52
24h / Overnight$58$63
2 Days$85$90
Extra Day$31$36


Double Kayak Rental  
2 Hour$34$37
Additional Hour$18$19
Day Rate$70$73
24h / Overnight$81$90
2 Days$121$126
Extra Day$40$45


(GST/PST @ 14% on all costs)

* Peak Season: April through September
* Non Peak Season: October through March