The online sports betting industry is vast and widespread. There are companies that have been operating for close to a century competing with those that are just starting up newly. Even though it is illegal to operate an online sports betting website in many countries, it’s typically not illegal to place bets on a website. Because of this, there are companies working offshore to bring sports betting to people’s homes wherever possible.

New Canadian betting sites can offer a wide variety of sports to any number of people around the globe. At this point there are a large number of sports betting websites offering similar services, so what’s why should you consider joining one site over another?

Where to find the latest Canadian betsite? There are several great source to follow such as the dedicated


Each site has its own merits, but here are a few of the advantages you can generally expect to receive from new sports betting sites:

Great Signup Deals

These companies are striving to build up a big customer base on their websites. Because of this, they may be willing to offer better signup deals to people making new accounts. Some of these signup deals might even give you no deposit bonuses so you can test out the site before you commit to making your initial deposit.

Offers and Promotions

In order to keep people coming and keep their current customers interested, many new betting sites will also offer a wide range of promotional benefits and special offers to their members.

Different Odds

Each betting site will have different odds based on how their bookies calculate the odds. New betting sites will offer you another alternative to the odds listed by major companies.

Less Website Traffic

Sometimes sports betting websites can become congested by large amounts of traffic at once, leading to slow loading times and possible errors. New betting sites don’t usually have this problem and can operate very smoothly because they do not have as many people logged on at once.