KAT staff are experienced boat people who share a passion for nature and the water. Their goal is to make your paddle adventures memorable and safe.

The Captain



Tony is a self professed ‘water rat’ with a lifetime of boating, sailing and paddling in Ontario and BC. Kaymaran Adventure Tours (KAT) came to be a decade or so ago as Tony realized that the satisfaction he derives from introducing newcomers to these exciting activities beat any 9 to 5 job hands down! Of course, as business continues to grow and evolve Tony’s ‘water time’ has been curtailed to some degree. Indeed, this is the price when you turn passion into a livelihood. But, no regrets!

The Boss


Brodie rules the water and makes sure that all the floating sticks are safely returned to shore. With his happy grin, Brodie reminds us that one of the best ways to enjoy life is to smile and go with the flow.